Interwest Paper Yard 2022 Paving Project Info:

Interwest Paper Construction Updates:

Interwest Paper in Under Construction to pave and make improvements to our Driveways and Parking for Semi Trailers.

This is a much needed investment that will improve the movement of our yard.  The downside is we will be operating at the same capacity with the yard under construction.  We will need to work together with Freight Carriers and Haulers to make these improvements.  From April 18th to June 31st our yard will be very congested and at times may have detours.

Thank you for your partnership and allowing us to grow!

Week of June 20th , 2022:

Week of June 6th:

Truck Scale will be closed Wednesday 6/22 from 10 am to Close.  Truck traffic limited due to Paving.

Construction has began on the West Lot where the dropped trailers are located.  This area is closed to all traffic for about 4 weeks. The truck scale will remain open.  The exit ramp on the truck scale is being replaced.  Trucks must pull on to the scale, and back off after weighing until Wednesday June 15th.  Please enter the scale by taking an immediate Right at the gate and follow detour signs.  We apologize for any inconvenience. 
Dropped Trailer Information:

If you are a carrier with a dropped trailer, you will need to pickup and deliver full and empty trailers at our temporary drop lot that is located at 3400 South and 500 West.  This is a fenced yard that is directly South of the New Maverik Truck Stop, but is only accessible from 500 West during Normal Business Hours. Live loading of trailers will still be handled as they normally, staging and waiting areas will change.